The PASMAK TESDC in action during its regular board meeting held at the TESDA PASMAK Conference Room with its TESDC Chairperson presiding, PASMAK TESDC Chair Jeffrey Sosa.

The TESDC is composed of partners of PASMAK district from both the private and public sectors. The members are : Mr. Sosa, President of the Phil. Association of Building Administrators (TESDC Chairperson), Mr. Oscar Ibay, President of PAMATEA and President of Datamex Institute of Computer Technology representing the TVET Sector, Mr. Tommy Uyliapco, President of PCCI Pasay representing the Industry Sector, Mr. Hessel Larcia, Union President of Manila Peninsula Hotel, representing the Labor Sector, Mr. Romeo Sajonas Jr. of Resorts World and Star Cruises, representing critical industry sector - Tourism, Dir. Emma Susano of DTI , representing government sector and Dir. Angelina Carreon of TESDA Pasmak. Mr. Toti Binay represented the Office of Mayor Kid Pena of Makati and Ms. Sampang of Pasay PESO represented Mayor Calixto of Pasay City.

The Policy Agenda being pushed forward and earmarked as priority for implementation are:


Policy Imperatives from CO and RO Recommended Action by PASMAK TESDC
1. Skills Upgrading for MSE Workers - Identify at least 1 MSE (from the list of N/RWPCS, SMEDC or LGUs)
2. Development of Higher Level Qualifications - Support RTESDC Resolution
- Identify additional Diploma Program for other key industry sector (Maintenance Building)
3. STAR Rating Implementation - Identify possible TVIs/Centers of Excellence to be STAR-rated and to benchmark East Asia Summit TVET Qualification Assurance Framework
- Identify STAR Evaluators/Champions within the District
4. Expansion of the Competency Assessment and Certification Infra - Identify possible industry sectors to be given free assessment
- Assess current capacity of the district with the ASEAN MRA for Tourism , to be audited for MRATP white listing
- Use of existing accredited assessors
5. Priority Skills Qualifications - Support the RTESDC Resolution
6. Establishment of Institutional Arrangements with Industrial Boards/IAs - Identify possible IBs/IAs


Pasay Makati TVET Educators and Assessors Association (PAMATEA)



The only private-led association of TVET partners and stakeholders in the PASMAK District is the PAMATEA or the Pasay-Makati TVET Educators and Assessors Association which is headed by its President, Mr. Oscar Ibay of the Datamex Institute of Computer Technology. It is composed of more than 100 members of TVIs and assessors with 15 officers representing key sectors – IT, Health and Social Development, Construction, and Tourism.

Majority of the TESDA PASMAK big events have been held and conducted in partnership with the PAMATEA, to wit, TVET fora, Skills Competitions, Teambuilding Activities, Capacity Building Programs for TVET Leaders, TVET Advocates, Trainers and Assessors, Social Marketing and Resource Mobilization programs.