TESDA PasMak Assessment and Certification Meet in Tagaytay


Last March 24 to 25, all PASMAK accredited Competency Assessors, Assessment Center Managers, Processing Officers and Liaison Officers, together with all TESDA PASMAK TESDA Representatives and PAMATEA Officers, met at the Gratchi's Getaway Tagaytay Farm Resort in Tagaytay City for the annual calibration/moderation and team building activities. There were more than 150 who participated in this event. There was the team building activities called "The Great Farm Race Teambuilding Package" on the first day and group dynamics and presentation during the campfire events after dinner. The more serious activities were done on the second day where group workshop and discussions were held and facilitated by Mr. Jaewe Piansay, NCR Lead Assessor and Mr. Efren Nelson of the TESDA NCR Regional Office.

All TESDA Representatives also had their share of calibration and moderation led by Dir. Lenny Carreon during the morning session on the first day.

Dir. Lenny Carreon, the TESDA PASMAK Assessment and Certification Team and the PAMATEA Officers, led in the two-day activities.

Before heading home, a simple Closing Ceremony was held for the awarding of Certificates of Participation, Certificates of PAMATEA Membership, awarding of Best Group, Best Assessor, Best AC Manager and Best TESDA Rep. Cash prizes were awarded to the winners through the PAMATEA, the TVET association in PASMAK. The Closing Ceremony was followed by a boodle fight for lunch.


TESDA PasMak Goes to Caramoan For A Planning Cum Team-Building Activities


For the summer 2017, TESDA PASMAK chose to hold the planning cum teambuilding activities last April 27 to May 1 at the Caramoan island in Bicol region. Before heading to the venue in Caramoan, the group visited and conducted benchmarking in one of the agricultural TESDA institutions called Quezon National Agricultural School in Pagbilao, Quezon. They were welcomed by its School Administrator Mr. Gerardo R. Marasigan.

Next stop was at the venue in the Caramoan island where planning and updating of performance status were done, together with a few of its partners, some officers of the PAMATEA, a recognized private association of TVET administrators, owners, Assessment Center Managers and TESDA accredited competency assessors.


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