VIII. Scholarship Benefits

The scholars shall be entitled to free training and assessment. The approved standard fees for training and assessment shall be applied strictly. The TVIs shall not exact any additional training and assessment fees from the beneficiaries of this program.

IX. Assessment and Certification
  1. The Regional and Provincial Directors shall ensure that the qualifications included in the TWSP scholarship shall have readily available accredited assessment centers and assessors within the Region;
  2. In line with the TESDA policy on assessment and certification program, competency assessment shall be mandatory for qualifications with Training Regulations (TR) with Competency Assessment Tools (CATs); and
  3. Cost of assessment shall be based strictly on the attached list
X. Availing of Multiple Scholarship

Multiple scholarship shall be allowed provided that the training shall be availed one at a time and not simultaneously and only for scholar-beneficiaries covered under this Circular. The additional qualification must be related or towards higher level qualification. LSI courses may also be availed.

XI. Administrative and Financial Procedures
  1. For Central Office allocation, a corresponding Sub-ARO shall be released based on the approved regional distribution of allocation before the publication of the invitation to tender.
  2. Payment to TVIs shall be made upon submission of the following required documents:
    • Billing statement;
    • MIS 03-02 report duly signed by the Wis authorized signatories;
    • Daily Attendance Sheet (for the duration of the training);
    • Certified true copy of RWAC from POs for payment of Assessment Fee; and
    • TESDA copy of the TVVSP Scholarship Grant duly signed by the concerned officials.
XII. Monitoring and Evaluation of Reports
  1. The monitoring and reporting requirements of the SMO shall be observed, which shall include the new Performance and Monitoring Report. Regular and timely submission of accurate and consistent data shall be strictly followed and shall be submitted on every 3rd day of the following month; and
  2. The physical and the financial reports as reflected in the template shall provide the correct and accurate figures as basis for the consolidated reports to be submitted to the oversight agencies.
XIII. Sanctions

The following acts shall be grounds for the perpetual disqualification of the TVI to participate in any scholarship program and suspension or revocation of the Certificate of WET Program Registration (CTPR), among others, subject to due process of law:

  • Ghost training;
  • Exaction of any unauthorized fees from the trainees;
  • Falsification, forgery, false declaration of absorptive capacity or misrepresentation in the submission by the WI of the required reports to TESDA; and
  • Other unlawful and illegal activities punishable under the Revised Penal Code.

This Circular takes effect as indicated and shall supersede any issuance inconsistent herewith.