VII. Beneficiaries

Target beneficiaries shall include but not limited to the following:

  1. Drug dependent surrenderers and family members;
  2. Out-of-school youth;
  3. Unemployed;
  4. Underemployed;
  5. Industry workers obtaining skills upgrading training programs;
  6. OFWs and their dependents;
  7. Basic and marginalized sectors such as:
    • Persons with Disabilities (PWDs);
    • Farmers and fishermen;
    • Disadvantaged women;
    • Indigenous Peoples (IPs);
    • Solo parents and their children;
    • Senior citizens;
    • Rebel returnees/decommissioned combatants;
    • Wounded in-action (WIA) AFP and PNP personnel;
    • Urban and rural poor;
    • Victims of Natural Disasters and Calamities;
    • Victims of Human Trafficking;
    • Displaced Higher Education Institutions (HEls) teaching personnel;
    • Micro entrepreneurs and their family members;
    • Cooperatives intending to engage or expand business enterprise;
    • Employees with contractual/Job Order status to help them engage in entrepreneurial activities and consequently become contributors to jobs generation;
    • Farmers and fishermen and family members;
  8. Other marginalized groups may also avail of the scholarship program subject to pre- qualification;
  9. Other targeted special groups:
    • Family members of AFP and PNP personnel killed and wounded in-action (KWIA);
    • Inmates and detainees including their families;
  10. TVET Trainers; and
  11. Currently employed workers (CACW).

The beneficiaries must be at least 18 years of age at the time he/she finished the program.

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