V. Criteria for Evaluation of Tender
a. TVIs with Previous Scholarship Allocation
  1. Absorptive Capacity refers to the number of trainees that a TVI can accommodate per batch based on Training Regulation requirements on physical facilities, tools and equipment and number of trainers. This includes existing/ongoing scholarship programs with other government agencies and other funding organization. — 30 points
  2. Employment Rate refers to the number of employed graduates in a particular qualification previously granted and being applied for. The report on employment rate shall be applicable only for the TWSP programs that have been completed at least six (6) months to one (1) year prior to the new application under the TWSP in the same qualification. An electronic copy of the MIS-03-02 report, which includes the employment status, shall be submitted to the SMO CLGUS. — 40 points
  3. Utilization Rate refers to the number of graduates based on the MIS 03-02 report against the approved slots of the scholarship previously granted (in a particular qualification previously granted and being applied for). — 30 points
b. TVIs without Previous Scholarship Allocation

In case of new and existing TVIs which were not given any scholarship allocation prior to the issuance of this Circular, the RSEC, after looking into the eligibility requirements of said TVIs, shall consider allotment of scholarship slots for the qualification being applied for. The TVI shall be provided scholarship allotment equivalent to one (1) batch per qualification.

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