IV. Tender Procedure and Scholarship Grants Distribution Scheme
  1. An invitation to tender containing the qualification titles to be offered in the province based on the modes of availing scholarship shall be published once in a newspaper of general circulation (local or national) copy of which shall be furnished the ODDG CLGUS. In addition to publication, the invitation to tender shall be postpd in the respective TESDA central/regional/provincial websites, social media and in conspicuous areas of the regional and provincial offices for a period of seven (7) days;
  2. Nis with registered programs shall submit their Tender (Form 1) in the skills training program available within the province. TV's may qualify to tender in other provinces within the region if there are no available - Nis with registered programs in the provinces concerned or if the Nis in the provinces cannot absorb the number of available trainees;
  3. Tenders shall be submitted to the Provincial Offices (POs) within seven (7) days after its publication of invitation to tender in a newspaper of general circulation (local or national);
  4. Upon receipt of the tenders submitted by the TVIs, the Provincial Director acting as vice chair of the RSEC of province shall immediately check whether the requirements on absorptive capacity, employment rate and utilization rate are complied with based on MIS 03-02, Accomplishment Report and other pertinent records;
  5. If the submitted Tender (Form 1) meets all the required Eligibility Criteria (Form 2) and Criteria for Evaluation (Form 3), same shall be forwarded to RSEC for evaluation. Otherwise, the Provincial Director concerned shall notify the TA/Is for compliance of the requirements within the period of seven (7) days after the publication of invitation to tender;
  6. Failure on the part of the Nis to comply within the period provided in the preceding paragraph, the tender shall be considered as not filed;
  7. After evaluation, the RSEC shall prepare and submit the RFTs and the full documentation of the proceedings of all meetings or recordings of the proceedings to the SMO CLGUS for preparation of Complete Staff Work (CSW) for a period of seven (7) days;
  8. The RFTs and CSWs shall be forwarded to the CLGUS proper for final review and recommendation to the Director General/Secretary within five (5) days;
  9. The RFTs approved by the Director General/Secretary shall be forwarded to SMO CLGUS for preparation of Scholarship Grants;
  10. Approved tender programs shall be posted in TESDA central/regional/provincial websites and in public places in the province, and shall be published once in any local newspaper of general circulation and social media for the information of potential trainees thereat;
  11. The POs shall provide the TVIs with the list of grantees per qualification and the same shall be posted in the TESDA regional/provincial websites;
  12. A Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) shall be entered into between TESDA Provincial Director and qualified Tills per approved RFT;
  13. The TVIs shall conduct the training program only after receipt of the Scholarship Grant Certificates from the POs.

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