II. Creation and Responsibilities of the Regional Scholarship Evaluation Committee (RSEC)
  1. The Regional Scholarship Evaluation Committee (RSEC) shall be composed of the following:
    ChairRegional Director
    Vice ChairProvincial Director
    MembersRegional Operations Division (ROD) Chief
    Financial and Administrative Services Division (FASD) Chief
    Association of Concerned Employees (ACE) Representative
    SecretariatRegional Scholarship Focal and Provincial/ Scholarship Focal
  2. The Regional Director shall be primarily accountable within the area of his/her jurisdiction. As Chair of the RSEC, the Regional Director exercises oversight functions over said Committee;
  3. The Provincial Director shall be the vice chair of the concerned province/district of RSEC if the TVIs involved is within his/her area of jurisdiction. He/she shall ensure, among others, the requirements on absorptive capacity, employment rate and utilization rate of the concerned TVIs are complied with in accordance with MIS 03-02, Accomplishment Report and other pertinent records;
  4. The ROD Chief shall ensure, among others, that the TVI concerned has been subjected to and passed the technical audit;
  5. The FASD Chief shall ensure, among others, that each scholarship grant is funded by TESDA;
  6. The ACE representative of a provincial office shall sit as member of the RSEC if the TVI involved is located within the province which he/she represents. His/her participation shall ensure transparency and integrity in the process of selection;
  7. The Secretariat may invite observers coming from the regional/provincial TVET and industry associations.
  8. The Secretariat shall ensure completeness of the required supporting documents of the tenders prior to the meeting. The full documentation of the proceedings of all meetings or recordings of the proceeding shall be submitted to SMO CLGUS together with the Request for Tenders (RFTs).

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TESDA Circular No. 10,
Series of 2017